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I wonder when I change the title of these topics? 9 days in, and Im sure people dont really care about which day it is specifically. I do, however, like the fact that I'm tallying how long it has taken me to reach certain milestones. So, maybe I'll keep it.

I haven't played much today. Jumped on a NL2 table and left with 10.00. That was pretty sweet. I then staked a friend 1.50 so we could both play a 90-player sng. I tried to play this one differently then normal and went for a SUPER TAG strategy. I folded my first 30 hands and 3bet preflop with 99 in the BB. Button reraises me so I open-shove expecting a coinflip slightly in my favour. The result was better then expected as he turns over 10-5. 10-10-2 on the flop and I cant hit my 9, and I bust out after playing one hand. I shut down ol' betsie then and got a shower. I have work this even so I wont be on til later. I'm not expecting much action on the tables tonight.

I didnt get to blog about last night after! My swan song was ITM in the bib 4.40. with 1000 places paying, and 300 people left. I was pretty deep. I went broke on AA vs 67s. the flop was 8-9-2 with two hearts. and he had hearts. The river completed one of his draws, and I hit the rail. Kinda sad about it but I was short-stacked at this point, and he had pot odds from the BB. It was all I could do.

The BR is sitting at 75 right now. Im going to order some chicken and play some penny tables.

Was beating up a table when my AJ lost to J-10, and I promptly sat out and with a mere 1 dollar profit. I could have stayed and probalby milked the LAG for some easy coin, but he could have just as easily took my chips as well. Two LAGS playing off each other makes a messy table. I dont like that, so I'd rather move to a shor-handed table and steal/fold until I wake up with something. Pretty Standard play but I'm not actually at a limit where I need to make decisions to be honest.

The grind is getting just a slight bothersome, and I think thats why I havent played much today. I'm really banking on taking a few 90 and 180 player SnG's down to triple through my BR and move up a limit. I'm hoping to have about 500 by day 60. Its a lofty goal, I know, but I don't see too many obstacles stopping me aside from restlessness/recklessness and/or a taking a mean beating or two at the tables.

Playing a $2 1R1AO. about two hours from the money. Sitting a little above average stack. Should be a decent run if I dont get whomped.

In other news,

Played the Big 2.20 and got my QQ lost to 10-8 post flop while I was ahead on the flop and all chips were in the middle. Opponent thought his pair of 10s 8kicker was leading apparently with three raises preflop. Alas, that is poker.



AA lost again today deep in a tourny. I dont mind it losing. Well, I do mind, but I understand that it happens....but twice deep in tournys, and twice it lost....this time I was close to the bubble and it hurt that much more...AA lost to 67...I had the guy covered. We both had about 18BB each and he calls a three-way shove wit 67....I would have doubled up..but his call put it at a triple up opportunity...66on the flop...Sad times...

Then I busted out of another tourny tilted and shoved 55 into a four way pot...called by KK and hit the rail.

I'm feeling pretty down. The day went from a normal slightly profitable day to down almost half BR. I lost 5 bucks in a cash game too with K-10 vs. A4. postflop. 10 on the flop. He calls pot bet with A-high and catchs his bullet on the turn. By this point, I'm so frustrated I open the vault and start giving him money.

I enter the big 3.30 on tilt mode, and finally stupidity works in my favour

I coaxed the guys into trying to suck out/ they probalby have me beat, but they evidently fold to my river bet...I had entered another tourny assuming I lost this one. Anyway, that hand calmed me down and Im playing my last two tournys for the night. I'll take my losses and sleep. Tomorrows a new day.

I can no longer stake my friend. He's hurting my Back End. Although its ony a couple dollars here and there. The fact remains that the stake is my daily profit. Im losing. I probalby wouldnt have played tonight and kept my 7 bucks profit and started fresh tomorrow. But who really knows? I had planned on an evening session.

Ugh, I just wanna take down an mtt of a decent size. I'm starting to rush again. I need to slow down. However, I have learned Super TAG poker is definitely not for me. I tried this strategy in todays MTT and I go deep but get stuck praying for monsters later in tournys due to my short stack. Im returning to how I've been playing earlier the week. Why change a good thing? It may not work for large mtt's yet, but its getting me by. i'll adjust my play accordingly. Super TAG strategy just isnt working.

Cheers again,


I've been handling my beats pretty reasonably so far....but this has to be the most annoying way to lose on pokerstars...Its not a bad beat, pre se, Just so god forsaken ANNOYING. I see this happen to ppl, me included, too regularly. Oh my....

Dammit. Like, Come on!

I find the four-flush just a wee weee weee bit too common on stars. But thats just me. Anyway, just the big 3.30 left. i flopped a flush on the button with 8-6 and I was gonna call it a bad beat because i called a raise with it, but the raise had 9-J and pushed on the his 9 that caught. pffft.

The big 3.30 is my last tourny of the night, and I'm cutting my losses. I wont be blogging my regults unless I make FT. Otherwise, i'm just heading straight to bed and forgetting about this hellish evening session and starting tomorrow on the 1-dollar 90 and 180-mans again.

Goodnight all!