I wrote this entry but my laptop froze, and I had to restart. Im pretty frustrated with that and this new entry will be nowhere near as Bossome as the last one. But here goes.

I'm playing way too much poker to be considered a healthy individual and if you've read any of my past entries, you'll probably agree. I'm on day 8 of my run since joining PSO and overall, it's been a positive experience on the tables. I found last night, however, that I was playing a lot of broadway out of position just because they were paint, and I was COMPLETELY over-valueing? my Ax suited. I played too many hands, pushed AQ twice! early in tournaments and overall just played really sh#ty. I felt my impatience growing and almost played a .05/.10 game (which is over my BR if I somewhat maintain my BR management strategy).

I wonder if this fatigue is long-term and I need to take a couple days of the table, or if it was due to the late night I had, and the fact I lost my 8-ball match to a weaker skilled player. I was running ok, but my coach intervened during my shot, and threw my whole game. I scratched the 8 in the next two matches giving the win to my opponent (who only need 2 matches to beat me). I was pretty downtrodden about it all and when I got home, I entered a couple 2-dollar mtt's with some friends. thats where the bad play started. I played a 3-dollar 1R1AO as well-which is over my BR, but I didnt rebuy, and I busted out before the AO.

On a good note, I increased my limits so I could play some .04/.08 razz. Razz has always been my favourite game, and I'm excited to resume playing it. I won't blog too much about it, because I feel this is generally a Holdem/Omaha community.

I contemplated entering the BloggerCOOP, but decided that I dont wanna write about what I would do with 5k etc etc. Thats not my goal or intentions with this blog. I want to write what I want to write. Those who read do so because they enjoy what I'm writing.

I'm having Server issue with PStars, and once I log-in, nothing loads. Pokerstars twitter acknowldeges the server issues so I'm not alone here. Anyway, going to play some civilization4 methinks until this gets rectified.

GL at the tables everyone!


Im in. Played 180-man 1$ hyper-turbos til I hit the cash. Finished down two buy-ins.

Currently playing a 1$ 90-man, a $2.50 90-man, and $3.00 rebuy 180-man (with only one buy-in).