I played about an hour and a half of 1.50 HU hyper-turbos. I understand the varience and alloted a five loss structure before I quit. If I lose, I had to win to counter it. If the losses amount to five, then I quit. If im in the positive, it wouldnt count as a +1, it would just be even. Only negatives would be added to the balance, with positives striking them from record. This worked, and I ended up quitting +1 buyin in the end. My sharkscope SNG player rating went down though. I found that strange, but I dont really care.

I've decided for the first session today that I'm going to play $1-dollar 90-player SNG's. Its more in tune with my BR, and I'm looking to make a decent ascent today vs a decline yesterday. I'm in my first one now, and  I've got a healthy stack early. I need to control myself and not chip off too many with mediocre hands. I'll update with the result.

placed 2nd in my first 90-player for 15 bucks. Final hand saw me all with 88 vs opponents 10-10. I figured i was up against a coinflip, which i was content with at this point. it was a turbo. 10s held and I hit the rail. Good run though, played viscious aggressive FT and chipped up from 6th place to 1st .

Busted out of a 2E tourny that I played with 1moredonkeyy. He's still in it and primed for an itm finish. 

Just played my second 90-player 1.50 knockout. Had five knockouts so the tourny was a freeroll. I have to head to pool league so I rush played a few hands I normally wouldnt, and finished 12th, just ITM. So back to back cashes.

BR is currently at 72 bucks again. Whoop! Gone to play some 8-ball and kick a##.