Well, so its been a week, and this is my day of countless hours playing. My BR took its first loss since joining PSO a week ago and currently sits at $60 bucks. My ring-game play yesterday was horrendous, and that played the pivotal role in profit vs losses IMO. I need to take some time to adjust that play. HU Sngs, after the live training lesson yesterday, are, so far, a profitable venture for me. I'll take a shot and play a few more today.

I realize I'm still over-extending myself with regard to the 2.00, 4.00 mtts, and the 2.50 180-man SNGs, but I like to have fun as well and grind it out. I play the mtts with friends and we push each other to excel. I don't think I'll ever give them up and so I'm prepared for the bigger fluctuations in BR then Im hoping for since joining PSO.

I'd like to to thank a few peoples for their comments and helping be a little more introspective into my own play.

First and foremost, my new poker friend 1moredonkeyy. I wish he would punctuate his own blog, but in terms of support from the rail-he is always there watching whenever he's online. I've taken to railing him as well, and he went deep in a 2.75 yesterday and went ITM in the big 2.20 with me. I was hoping to go deeper then I did in that but I got caught in a weird scenarion that ended up with me 99 vs 88 vs AK, and we all know that rACEing is not a coinflip. Ha ha ha. Im happy with my performance though. the hand was a weird one that I probably could have avoided but I'm still not upset with the call. Anyway, thanks to 1moredonkeyy for the support. Is there a way to tag people in these posts? I dont know much about the intricacies of blogging. I just write.

Secondly, the Langolier, JDean, and hoRRoR77. Been watching videos and reading forum posts and joined a live training session for the first time yesterday and the help is insurmountable.

Finally, all the PSO community for their insight (i got grilled about my BR management on my 2nd post) and comments. I have a topic about music up and its nice to see what people listen to, or if they listen to music, and so much more. Im obviously enjoying being here. I've been posting daily, lengthy updates, and read the forum almost consistently. I hope its not too boring, and if anyone else wants rail support or a new PSO friend. I'm available!

Finished! On to the tables!! As per usual, updates to follow-maybe in a new Post entitled Day 6 contiuuuuuuuuuuuued. I dunno.