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6 days into this blog, and thus 6 days into PSO, and I'm still breathing. My BR isnt rising and falling so rapidly as before, but it is rising. So I'm content. I've learned a lot in almost a week, and I'm excited for more progress to come. Today, however, may see a dent in the BR-maybe 20 bucks or so as I'm going to try and satellite into a sunday major. I havent decided whether or not I should try it, but I'm really feeling it. We'll see how everything progresses. Perhaps its even too late to satellite in.

Anyway, as per usual, updates will come. GL everyone.


lost a quick three buy-ins playing .02/.05 and was feeling way too loose. I figured that I might donk off a bigger percentage of my bankroll continuing to play like this so I came back to PSO to reassess what was up. I registered for the HU SNG tourny training that was happening thx to theRoyalRaiser and his twitter update! appreciated. I didnt know about it until I clicked the link through twitter.

Watching and chatting during the training session helped calm me down, and I decided to test out the HU SNG's. I fiend for HU play, so why not?

After the session, I checked the BR ($64), and entered a $1.50 HU SNG while simultaneously watching my new poker friend 1moredonkeyy play the sunday storm. He's still in it and has a healthy stack so I'm interested in seeing what he makes of it. As for me? Well, here's the update a la Sharkscope.


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GameID Date (UTC-0330) Type EntryFee Position Profit
519631950 19-Feb-12 17:31 NL Holdem €1.40 1/2 €1.30
519628122 19-Feb-12 17:15 NL Holdem $1.40 1/2 $1.30
519622543 19-Feb-12 17:03 NL Holdem $1.40 1/2 $1.30
519612572 19-Feb-12 16:57 NL Holdem $1.40 1/2 $1.30
519606197 19-Feb-12 16:38 NL Holdem $1.40 1/2 $1.30
519610735 19-Feb-12 16:38 NL Holdem $1.44 1/2 $1.38
519605163 19-Feb-12 16:27 NL Holdem $1.40 1/2 $1.30
519149401 18-Feb-12 20:56 NL Holdem $2.28 17/180 $2.42

 Taking a short break here now to check out the forums, and I'll return to the play. The varience is really in my favour right now, and I know it will change so I need to collect myself now before I get hit and tilt.
This new calculated play of mine is all thanks to PSO.


Last HU of the day, I said I would play til I lost one, but I lost two. The last hand here:

Going back to ring games and a couple 180-mans I think. Updates to follow.


 16th in 2.50 180 man....pretty sad about the finish. I was in dominant 1st place 2 from the bubble, and tried to make a few bully moves and walked in huge hands every time. Last hand i had 88 and got called by Q9 and AK. an Ace hit and my tourny was over. I could have sat out and made the FT and still had lots of chips to push around but I got stupid. I think its because I haven't eaten today and I was getting hungry. Anyway, making some supper and resuming in a few hours I guess.



Yay for me........not really. Dammmit I was sitting pretty. average stack was 6k


alright. in the money of the big 2.20. and playing another 2.20 currently. my last rides for today. I've been averaging about 10hrs/day of online poker during this little tenure. That will severely decrease after this midterm break, but I must say its been enjoyable. I'm happy with my progress, and my BR is still there!!! Yeah! No more redeposits! Hopefully this holds true. Tired of being the red fish.... I'll update my final position, and if i got sucked out, I'll post the hand. If I donked out, I'll keep it to myself.

Well, out of one. Overplayed My AK, and ended up behind and all-in to A-10. Board was 10-K-10. Oh well, mistakes happen. I can only learn from them. It was my own fault.

99 couldnt hold against AK. out. got like 11 bucks for it though. BR is still down on the day.

Resting at 63 dollars. in a 180 man 2.5 because a friend jumped online and I said i would play it. So after this one, off to bed. I wont post my results. I'll blog it tomorrow if I make money.

I wish this would update realtime.