Day five is of this adventure is about to commence for me. Yesterday was a solid day for me where I doubled through my bankroll w/ a 4th place finish in the 180-man 2.50. (I know I shouldnt have played the 2.50 180-man, but I'll jump into a scattered game or two ). FT play there is a shove-fold situation, and I was the short stack going in but I managed to wake up AA in the BB and tripled through...This let me fold away til I pushed with K-Q on the button 4-handed, and QJ said "no sir" and I promptly exited. T'was a good run, and I kept composure the whole even. My BR was down to about 18 bucks before the tourny, and after the 30 dollar cash, and some finesse at the at the penny grind. Im sitting with a solid 60. I wasnt expecting such a jump, but it feels good.

Well, here we go. I'll update periodically through my twitter (@gerard_mercer) and do an update later this evening with how things are turning out.

GL everyone!


down about 12 bucks, which is ok. Consolidating myself now. Going to play these this round of tournaments out, and take a break. Bad starts need breaks. Plus I'm getting hungry.

Playing a 1.00 6-max tourny with 1moredonkeyy. He searched me up on Pstars after I commented on his blog, and we're playing it down together. Its nice to have friends. ty PSO.

more updates to come.

and here's the highlight of my day. 


placed 17th in a 180 man 2.50. Just squeaked into the money.

entered a 4.50 2R1AO with a close friend. Placed 76th w/ 90 places paying. BR sitting at 70 now after an up and down day. grinding it out at .02/.05 now.

Realizing I spend more time on PSO then Facebook now. That's a change.