Day four has started for me, and I'm playing a 2.50 180-man. I know I shouldn't but I wanted to test the waters, as I read a forum post earlier with a guy challenging himself, and laying down strict guidelines to folow. I cant remember his name, and I'm still trying to figure out how to navigate the forums. I feel bad for that, but I'll figure it out soon enough, and remember people's names and such.Well, the regular contributers of post I read, anyway.

Anyway, playing this 2.50, maybe one more, then back to .01/.02.
BR resting at 25 dollars.

Didn't place in the 180. A friend dropped over w/ his laptop and we played against each other in 180s. He busted early and I came 4th in only our second one!

BR sitting upon $60. Currently playing one more 2.50 180 and done for the day.