so my bankroll management still sucks. I started yesterday with 0 dollars and fpp'd some sit and goes to get it up to 60 tournament dollars, I pissed that away and started today with 15 bucks. Not tourny dollars. I was somewhat successfull I suppose.

after the table limit ban, I've been playing .01/.02 nl holdem and I must say, I'm doing remarkably well. Im a different breed of player though, and it will bite me in the ass. I'm a bully, and I sit at short handed tables and bully around until it fills, then I tighten up somewhat. I bet big on everything...I find weaker players will chip off despite the fact that I'm always big when they do call off. They dont grasp the bet sizes at those stakes. Its not the poker I wish to be playing, but its what I deserve after blowing my w## the other day.

Anyway, the update is as follows. started with 15 bucks, ending my table session with a little over 20 bucks, and im in a total of 11 dollars worth of tournaments currently. not a bad day.

Wish me luck.