Ok everyone,
here's the sitch, I suck at BR management. I'm a compulsive person by nature and have been known to play marathon sessions of 18+hrs. For instance, two days ago I had $50 dollar bankroll. Playing heads up NL, and Limit ring games, I pushed that fifty to 500. Instead of going to sleep, I continued playing. Last going off, oh.....15hrs later, I was playing 2/4 limit and went to bed with a 50 bankroll. I went from 0 fpps to 2000 and cleared my first depositers bonus. Yay! but no BR and a waste of a day. Im aware of the situation soooooooooo I banned myself completely from limit tables (until I can get a BR back) and limited myself to playing .04/.08 nl tables.

OK, that actually wasnt the sitch. Here's the sitch, before I banned myself, I played a 3.00 razz tourny, and won 40 bucks, then i played a 2.00 1r1ao and a 2-7 lowball but bubbled both. Then i tilted the remaining funds in my BR. SO, I only have 2.00 left.

I just pushed my 2.00 stack into 4.74 and am going to bed. Finally.  I'm contemplating redepositing another 50-100 w/ the bans in place.

Should i redeposit, or try and learn br management the hardway and grind this 2.00, correction, 4.75, into a decent stack.

I'm an avid poker player and love all games offered. I'm especially good at razz, but Im pretty impatient and i feel the razz grind to be at least 1000x longer then a hold em grind.

Any suggestions?