My run of bad luck contiues unabated, as my rank sinks lower and lower.  I am at the point of being totally rattled and should probably take some time off, but this is my only "active" month, and I really need to make a cash out.

In the first tourney today, I found cowboys in the SB and though I bet hard pre and post flop, I had two tag-a-longs.  An ace on the turn slowed me down, and two hard bets behind shut me down completely.  These two villians played the hand out to show the donk involved beat out pocket 5's with a caught six. If it hadn't been for my running bad recently, I probably wouldn't have let that ace scare me, but such is the state of things.

Just a couple hands later I landed AK in the cutoff. Now short stacked, I 3-bet all in to find myself heads up against KK.  Finally seeing some favor from the poker gods, I caught an Ace on the flop.  The grace was to be short lived though, as the case king reared his ugly head out of the river, proving that even 43 to 1 odds isn't good enough when luck has abndoned you.

After a brief cooling off period, I ventured into the second PSO of the day.  I found a big slick in the big blind early on, and was in yet another coinflip against pocket sixes.  Surely after losing ten of these in a row, variance had to finally swing back my way.  A six on the flop guaranteed that would not be the case.  Fortunately my opponent was shortstacked and I still had some life left.

Not too many hands later, I got a visit by the ladies in good position.  Multiple limpers left my no choice but to shove my shortened stack, and I found myself three way against pocket tens and A9.  Could I finally see my best hand preflop hold up till the end?  Alas no, as an Ace on the turn sent me to the rail early again. 

Here is the replay of these hands.  I hope i see more favorable results soon.