So, I decided to play my first live game at around 1pm on Tuesday. I picked the $50 + $10 Freezeout, Event #11, at the Fulltilt Montreal poker festival, because , really , I shouldn't have been wasting my last $100 at a poker tournament, and I needed to save some money for a cab home after I busted.





 I got there early to get a feel for the place , and how things worked. I had never been at a poker room before, so I wanted to have time to let it all sink in before my tourney started.To further make things seem more unreal to me, I open the door to walk in and find myself face to face with gavin Smith!

 After a walk around Playground poker, checking out the players and the waitresses, I decide to break with my routine and buy a rum & coke at the bar. I don't actually drink any more, by choice ( I just don't like booze), and find a quiet spot to sit.

  I don't know if it was the drink or just my mood that day, but I was very relaxed once I sat down. I think the fact that I didn't have time to think about the game , and just decided on a whim to go, helped, and I played without any nerves when I got to the table. Ended up only having 115 entrants in the tourney, but that was enough for me.

  I had a good feeling , and said so to the table , when I got the #7 seat (It is my lucky number, and my birthdate). By the first break, I had K.O'ed 3 players and was table big-stack. After the break, my luck changed. I went from about 50k in chips, down to about 20k. Blinds were getting higher and I was now in a shove position with my stack. When i got pocket 8's , i had to go. I had a tight image by this time, and wasn't getting much action. I was in mid position and the BB had a stack, so he called me with KQos and didn't hit, so I 2uped there. Next hand I play, the player to my right shoves and I luck out with pocket aces in my hand. I reshove over him and we end up heads-up. He has AKc and I bust him.

  My run of good cards continues, and I lose maybe 2 hands from then on ( I actually got 4 full houses dealt to me at the first table, and played 2 of them, the 63 and 53 that hit boats, I could have never gone in with). Next thing I know , we are down from 115 players , to 30. I have about 95k and stack average is 75k, so all is good.

 As players bust and we get down to the last  3 tables of 10, my stack is growing, and when I get my chips in good, they are holding. The table is now scared of me , and I pick up on this, so I start playing more aggressive, shoving over players that have 3 bet, and taking down pot after pot. With about 14 players left, I look down and realize I am chip leader!!!

  I start putting more pressure on the small stacks because I know they want to cash and we are getting close to the money (12th place). My aggressive game pays off, and , as I rail 2 more at my table , players are all in at the other , and we are down to the final table, with me as stack leader! I used some of my pso training , and let the small stacks battle it out when I didn't have much to play. That worked well, because , even though they would 2up, their stacks were still nothing for me to worry about.

  We got down to 7 players and the fun started. I decided to put players to the test and put them all in whenever they were in a hand with me. This worked great too, and I busted the one player that actually scared me at the table and we were down to 3. (He was chip leader before I cut into his stack twice. Very loose-aggressive style that caught up to him). By now , I had a huge stack and could do anything I wanted without much fear, and I did!

  I busted the last small stack and was heads up with about a  2 to 1 chip lead. I played aggressively and won a bunch of pots. With the blinds being 20k/40k, the pots were always good enough to get involved in. I finally had enough of a stack to push my opponent around , or make risky calls with, and my K6os call won me the tourney vs his Q8c.

  I won a very nice trophy and $1 387.00 !!! Not bad for my first time......

I added a couple of links to the results and some photos below....