First off, I would like to thank PSO and Pokerstars for the great " Million Club " promo. It was something I never expected, but was very pleased to see. I don't get the opportunity to play the Sunday Million very often, in fact I have only played it twice over my years here at Pokerstars.



 This ticket will be my second one that i have won for free. I cashed earlier this month in that try and made a nice bit of profit, and feel i am at a better place in my game , with enough knowledge to play my game and not be scared. Having a free entry to it , only makes it easier to play without any fear, and that is a major part of the game. Most of the times, when we go up in buyin levels, we get scared of losing , because it means a bigger part of your bankroll. I am in the fortunate position of not having anything to lose and lots to gain and having played the tournament before. It is now all up to the cards for me.