Ok, I always wondered why I couldn't build a bankroll and keep it. I thought I was just not good enough for this game, then I started playing higher buyins......and things got better.



 Now, I am not saying micro tourneys are useless, but i am saying that staying too long at micro stakes will kill your game.

I tried for years to make money online without depositing, but i always found myself with the BR dilemma,..play within my means , or go for a big cash,...and i would usually play the micros, trying to keep it safe. But poker isn't about being safe, it is about taking chances. I realized that when i stayed in my comfort zone, i didn't take chances. I would min cash and keep my head above water, but  never get anywhere. Then i would get frustrated when i didnt see my br growing, and play higher buyins, but I wasn't ready to lose my money, so i played the same way I did in the micros.

 I came to the realization that i was not  ready to win, because i was not ready to lose...In other words, i was playing scared. Now, the question was , Why?. After a few weeks of heavy thought and a few major tilts, it came to me. My head was full of bad beats and stupid suckouts that happened to me in my micro tourneys and sng's. Playing micros was no longer helping my game, it was killing it. You see, the play in micro buyins is not typical of poker, it is only typical of players who are learning. It seemed normal to have 4-5 players in a hand and getting beat by some junk hand, it happened so regularly in my micros.

 But this is not how things are at higher stakes. Players risk less, they fold more , and there is very very rarely more than 3 in a hand. This was a new experience, and one that showed me why i was losing so much.

I toilled in micro stakes for 3 years without any success, and within the first 3 weeks of higher stakes, i had profited over $400.00. Now, I understand there is always luck involved, but the change in my game and winnings can not be all attributed to luck. At higher stakes , I am able to play my game and have others fold or get limpers out of hand preflop, and this a huge part of the game that is absent at micro levels, unless deep itm.

Whether this continues or not, I do feel that after a while , if you don't move up to higher buyins than micros, your game will suffer, as well as your sanity. Figuring out when to make this jump is the hard part. Done too early and you will not be able to compete, done to late and you will have tilt baggage to deal with, but it has to be tried to find out where your game fits against better opposition.