MTT Basics - Chris (ChewMe1)  live training video. (review)



  There is a big difference in knowing what to do, and knowing why to do it. A lot of new players don't understand position and chipstack in an MTT. In this video, Chris explains what he does and why he does it, in very simple terms. The fact that it's a live training session also shows you that the right plays don't always work, but they are plays you must understand , and make during a tourney , if you want any chance of a big cash. Even a player that limps into flop 60% of the time, can get monsters at the wrong time for you, it's just how poker is. You never have a winner preflop, all you can do is play the odds you have created for yourself  by the hands you have played previously. If you think your previous hands don't matter much, this video will show you that good players are keeping track.

  As in all MTT's, there is a percentage of players who really don't care how they do, they are just spending a few $$, and passing the time. These players are the most dangerous early and the least dangerous late in the tourney. As Chris points out, stack size and position play a huge part in betting, and these types of players  don't really take that into account. If you know what to look for  (ie: playing out of position, bad bet sizing , entering too many pots preflop,etc...) you will be able to take advantage of these players. Alternatively, if you are making the mistakes, they will pick up on you.  "If you can't find the sucker at the table, it's probably you."