So ,the month is over and it was a rollercoaster.I was up in 24th then hit a rough patch, and down to 277th, got back up to top 50 and, bang, another rough patch. I was lucky enough to place in my final 2 tourneys, placing top 30 in last one. From where I was ranked, it was possible for me to go from $30 to $50 with a good placing. It will be really close, within a point, 2 at the most. I will be checking my account and email tomorrow to find out the $20 question.
 On another topic, Let's all give Easychips4u the props he deserves, as he is currently LEADING the Americas Cup of Poker for team Canada.  Good Luck Easy!

 This month is aslo a bankroll month for me, we will see what happens. I am going to have to talk to a few of the league guys who have already done it and find out the best strategy for me.