OK, for those that know me , they might be surprised at my ranking this month, others might just think I suck at poker!...I have a reason for my low ranking, and I think most that played last month might know what I am doing. I am making this month my "guinea pig" month, with me being the pig. lol. I am trying to find out what the highest amount of points I can get are, if I am ranked near or at the bottom of the league, and I win a tournament. I am trying to see if it is possible to get a top 10 ranking after being at the bottom of the pack, but play as few games as possible. You might think I am crazy, but if you check the rankings last month, you will see some players ranked on the first page , that only played in 10 -15 tournaments. So, this month I will only start playing my "real" league games on Friday. I will update you on how things progress on a daily basis starting then, wish me luck!!! Lmao, I am an idiot but I want to try and see how it goes...another challenge to myself and my sanity!