So the first month is over.....Had a great run in my last 4 tournaments, hitting the final table in 3 of them. Couldn't pull out a win, but 8th, 6th & 6th are pretty good by my standards, and I would think most of the players in the league would be happy with that, too. Because of 2 bad tourneys just before that, I wasn't able to hit the bigger money prizes. If not for that, I might have finished ranked as high as 6th. But , in the end , it was a 13th place finish in the league. I do feel that I have learned a lot from playing in the league, but I don't know how well I will do once my daughter gets back and my attention and time are frequently divided. I can win another $50, but if I put in the same amount of time and effort, I would hope for more than that. All in all, a great learning experience and some money for cash games. Thanks PSO and PokerStars.