Took a bad beat today and went out in very early position. 3, people in the hand, no raises. I was in BB, low-stacked, and only holding 9 Jo , so I had to check. The flop comes up 10,9,9. , I've hit trips with a pretty good kicker. So ,I raise to 300, hoping to scare away any donks, but get called by the first guy, and re-raised by the second. I call the re-raise, and both players go all-in, now, normally I would have folded, but today I made the call to go all-in. I had already committed over half my stack, and wasn't backing down. I thought ,"the only thing that really scares me was someone with pocket 10's, or maybe A 9 suited", and I was right, To my left, was 9 J, same as me, this gave me hope, short lived hope, when the next guy turns over the pocket 10's I was worried about. The lesson here is, listen to your little voice, and don't change your game-plan during a tournament, if you don't have to.