All right!!! Today was good for me in many ways. Should be in the top 20 tomorrow morning. I placed in the money in both tournaments I played, but even better was that in the second tournament, I was down to about 700 chips and there were still about 600 or so people left, but I managed to stick to my game and worked my way back up to finish in 159th. That is usually out of the money, but tonight there were almost 1400 entrants, wow. This means that some will stay and some will go, but the league is growing. I wouldn't be surprised to see 2-2500 next month. Maybe it's just because it's Sunday and people have time on their hands? Either way, I will stick with my game-plan and see where I finish this week. I've decided not to play the last tournament tonight, with so many players I haven't seen before, and already getting the points I wanted for today, I think I'll put this down as "sticking with the game-plan" instead of me not really feeling up for it. :{