After a drunken start to online poker in 2003 with a $200 one night loss I entered the Golden Era of freerolling. 



Back in the day $1000 freerols on obscure sites with small fields (under 100 peeps) were not uncommon and were mostly sponsored by now defunct poker forums.

II managed to win a couple grand (US$) lol including $500 at Poker Stars for the Canadian/US olympic challenge. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Canada.

Unfortuately, I lost it all in cash games because I am, what the Logelier, would call a loose cannon donk. (being kind to myself. )

Fortunately, with the help of PS online, Longelier, anmd Chewme I am a little wiser and as an old timer freerooler I want to blog my way, as a rookie blogger, into the big bang game and prove, because of the afrementioned trainers, I will not donk out.

If anyone has read this I enjoyed writing it is while I was under the influence.