This month is going to be the first month that I make a real try at winning this thing. I just lost my soul mate yesterday. Her Name was Cynthia and I loved her like mad.Cindy was only 45 years of age. She succumbed to her ailment after exactly one month in and out of a coma that we have yet to know the cause of. I'm a lost soul at the moment and I need a distraction to take my mind off of this obscene loss. What better way than to immerse myself in the six PSO tournaments each day. I love playing this crazy game they call Hold-em, and I've been playing it on and off since 1985. I dealt part time at a private underground hold-em room that my father was a part owner of while attending college so i know the game pretty damn good. So if you sit at the tables with me be careful. So far today i managed to play in two and I just began the final one now as I write this. I was fifth on the chip lead this morning when I turned an A high flush only to get rivered and Knocked out when buddy hit his boat. that's hold-em LOL. so I will see you at the tables and hopefully you will see me high up on the leader board. Ciao for now, Frustini.