Yup, it's hard for me.


For some reason I've forgotten 'how' to learn things. Not just Poker, I mean pretty much any new skill. The fact I'm trying to re-learn this game has simply made the problem more transparent to me. Learning used to be so simple. Practice and apply yourself.

I sit here after winning a Play Money 9-seater low stakes and come away having not learned a thing. I still don't know how to play TT (I lost 3 times ), I didn't manage to 'scare' anyone off even when I flopped the nuts (looking at you KQ straight-flush, against 2pair after turn), and I still can't bet effectively and properly size my bets.

I'm hoping it's just a concentration thing or the fact that I am playing low stakes with Play Money. I'm not risking my $55 just yet.

But back to the learning thing. I look at the PSO Schools lessons and watch videos online. Nothing is staying between my ears! Not even paying rent and staying a couple of days to keep me company. I look at resources and I'm pretty sure I just look at the pictures 'oooh thats pretty'. As my Dad taught me 'That's not what Homework looks like'.

How do you learn things? How do you get away from distractions? I can't answer these questions yet, so I'm going to keep playing instead and seeing if something clicks organically like it used to.

I won that $55 playing the old Hubbles Freeroll 10,000 player tournaments repeatedly winning the odd few cents here and there, so I know I can get better. I just need to remember how to Learn first.

Funny. Been playing for 2 week and I've already learned that I can't remember how to learn. Is that Irony or Stupidity?