Just finished my first game in 23rd place, very happy. Played roughly 20% of all hands so hopefully that's the right kind of pace. Not really happy with the final hand though. Probably a mistake or 2.

Start in Big Blind (5k, with 51k stack) with Jd, 5h, and its folded to the small blind who calls (190k stack). I put him on something similarly average to bad as he had raised the last few times we were in a similar position.

Flop comes 9c, 4c, 5d. I have middle pair, and the small blind puts out minimum 5k bet. Assuming I'm right in that we had similar hands, I had made a hand (middle pair) and pushed all in. Small blind thinks for a few seconds and calls me, and I find out I'm right in that we do have similar hands.

His hand was Jc, 7c. The turn was 8c, and I was out.

Time to read up on a few hand rankings methinks.