Forgive the title. It's watching the Anime that does it. Card games on bikes? Yes please!

Anywho it's late (Midnight UK time), and after playing a couple of Sit & Go's I come across PSO whilst trolling the Pokerstars website. Now whilst I've been playing for fun for a few years I never really thought about taking the game seriously. I have a low-ish income job which I am about to lose due to redundancy, and very little time to devote to actually 'learning the craft'.

'PSO might change that'. So said the small voice in my head. And so I register here, and after reading the Basic Course decide to take the quiz.


Not bad. Should have done better.

I have been on Pokerstars for a few years now, but I had a sort of break from it and Poker as a whole for about a year due to lack of time. But since I'm about to have all the time in the world, I think I'll re-aquaint myself with the game I started to love.

My first memory of Poker is a being a teenager, and watching someone called Phil Hellmuth (yes, that one) on a UK TV tournament called 'Late Night Poker' on Channel 4. This was Pre-Moneymaker, and I ended up watching the whole thing over the next few days and weeks even though it was broadcast at 2am UK time. Mostly because it was basically Phil vs everyone. It was great TV. He's kind of like a hero.

So here I am. About to read up on the Core Course, wondering how the rest of you got 'hooked'?

Hopefully I'll meet a few of you on the tables.

Good Luck all!