Been playing alot of tournaments lately, and well... I have been playing very poorly, playing hands that I know I shouldn't wth just on a few hands of information, I usually run into the nuts and my score has taken a nose-dive as a result, I need to find a way to snap my self out of it. My new goal is to make the money at the end of the month, I think I'll take the courses and read a few more hours a day about strategy. I think I have found a way to make the money next month, I think I'll play only 1 PSO MTT/day next month so Tourney Fatigue does not kill me as much it may also help me with my new projected schedule of Micro MTTs I plan to play, If I am able to make a score of 1750 or higher after qualifying for the cash next month I think I'll stop, as making a score of 2000+ seems to be impossible and pointless. I have started on a Poker Playlist to help me get pumped up and focused, (BTW Sleep and Breakfast are also extremely important as well). Can't think of anything to write at the moment, I guess I'll post Monday to help keep myself active.