Not doing too bad in the new PSO Skill League, 54th as of right now, down a few spots from last night but all in all I don't seem to far off from the top, alright it is only the first few days but with the scoring schedule as it is I think I can really make points just off of my current playing style, I'll go through the Core Course again as well as the SNG Course as I feel that the SNG Lesson are very relevant to MTTs. Been reading Barry Greenstein's Ace on the River, a great read, with valuable advice on living a poker players life. As I read through the book I can really begin to understand the difference between a Poker Pros thought process and my own, it seems I have a long way to go. A major theme to the book is social conscience as well as the importance of Integrity in a world that may have want of it. It has occurred to me that, should one day I graduate to Grinder and live off of my winnings I would have to start thinking about my contribution to society as well as the ramifications of my card playing. It has occurred to me that being a poker pro would be a very solitary path, especially being an internet pro, where you depend on noone other than yourself for sustenance and shelter, not that most people don't feel this to a degree but they may have coworkers, superiors, or employees that also have the communal goal of keeping a business running not to mention giving a certain sense of identity and support, a poker player has no social network to fall back on and the people he/she usually meets are those who are trying to take their money. All that said I can still see no other proffession that I am better suited for aside from one other and I'm not going to tell you what that is. It appears that bankroll management is the most important factor dividing the Pros from the Fish because it is all about the long term. Going to try and plan for 3 Skill Tourneys a day depending when I can play, and I have set a goal for the top 45 in each tourney, as I am a Whitestar and don't relly plan to play real money until I feel that my game has improved I think I will remain a white star for another month or two, then invest $250 in a proper micro bankroll and see what I can do with it, my oppinion on the payouts may be a little biased but due to the large number of white star players I would think that Poker Stars won't really payout the full $16300 at the end of the month, maybe the left overs would be enough for an End of the Month Tourney with the top 1000 players on the leaderboard as a way for whitestar players to win the money that might have otherwise have won if they had been Active, any Active players wouldn't mind the chance to win more money. Just a thought.