How can I begin to think I can do this? Play poker and live off it? I don't , at least not yet, I work a McJob, that's probably not going to change any time soon, but it pays the bills. The goal, you ask? Live off of my winnings and satisfy my needs as I have grown accustomed to them (ie. food on a daily basis with maybe a little warmth) obviously I aim for the stars (heh, get it stars...). Now, just a few bits of knowledge about myself, Canadian, From Winnipeg MB (we call it Peg City, the Win, Canada's Moscow but Colder) hence the name. I play Texas Hold'em, though I started by playing 5 Card Single Draw as a child playing for pennies with the cousins, soon it became black jack and then video games, I would have forgotten all about Poker if I hadn't discovered Rounders in '02, at the time I was all about seeing movies I my friends couldn't (Rated R) I was 14yrs old at the time (do the math...) and it blew me away, Turturro and Malkovich were so cool and needless to say they left an impression. 2003 Moneymaker wins the WSOP and then the Internet gets a hold of Poker, at that point I guess it was inevitable that I would start at some point. Flash forward to June 2010 and I'm trolling for freerolls (at this point I have tried to play the cash but lost it all, no bankroll management, so stupid) so I decide to check out the Private tab at Pokerstars and I see a PSO $50 freeroll instantly I look for a way to get in on it, here I am. I don't really have a style yet as I just stick to the advice I have been given, which is don't bluff unless you know who your playing and in that case, don't bluff! Don't play anything less then Tens or suited AceTen, although the hands playable always depend on alot of variables such as position, chip stack, your daily horoscope (Capricorn) and players left in the Tourney. Speaking of tourneys, I only play tourneys and multi-table SNGs as a rule. I haven't figured out cash games as of yet and the concept of just leaving the table is unthinkable, NL is king as Limit seems too slow (I need to work on my patience, in my opinion Patience is the most undervalued element in any good poker player, too many people get bored and start playing loose). To date I have been able to win SNGs and can usually make the money in most Micro Tourneys and Freerolls but due to lack of Bankroll management I end up poring all my winnings back into the Sea (the poker economy), this I feel is a lack of patience on my account and I am working on it. I intend to update this blog as truthfully as possible without giving too much away about my playing style, as that would be bad... I am going to post all of my success and all of my soul crushing defeats, I will try to keep the bad beat griping to meself but if my Bullets get cracked by 2/7off, then, well, I'm not responsible for my actions. I will post at least once a week (Fridays?) though if I have a crazy weekend I'll post on monday as well.