Hi there grinders!

I am gonna tell my poker story for octomber and december, and I want to say that I`m sorry for my mistakes ( I`m not so good at english).

My journey on pokerstars started somewhere on octomber when I discovered the Bankroll Builder promotion. I was looking for a way to build my bankroll for free and this was looking much more easyer than freerolls, so I created my PS account and posted on this forum.

After I got my first 2$$ I decided to play 2NL because that was a part of the promotion. I don`t remember if I lost the very quickly but I know that after I received all the $8 my bankroll was somewhere $20 with 17k 2NL zoom hands played.

I continued to work on my game and I kept on playing. I had some serious downswings because I am a tilting person and I think this is my biggest leak, but with some luck in time I will be better.

After that I decided to try some MTT, 180m $0.5 and was succesfull at first but I started losing after the first 100 tournaments. Then I decided to try something different like 9m $0.5 and I liked them very much, I even started to play 10 tabless + and I was winning, but later my pokertracker free license expired so I couldn`t win anymore so I got back to zoom. My bakroll then was somewhere like $35.

After that my biggest win came. I had some FPP and I spent them on tournaments with 10FPP and 20 FPP buy- in and I was 2nd on one of them and  got $90 and I was pretty happy to see my first win and promised to give a shot at tournaments with cash buy-in later.

And with this curent bankroll I continued to play on zoom 2NL 4 tables and had some serious upswings for 3-4 days, but the downswing came very fast and I was like break even in one week. I played somewhere to 30k hands.

I also helped one good friend with some dolars and even tryed to study the game with him. It is easyer to take decisions with a friend and also you study in a different way discusing hands. You all should try.

So this month I achieved Silverstar and also in the last days of the year 10 dolars from vip stellar rewards.

Next year I will play some 6 max $1,5 hyper turbo. I played in the last days 100 STT and I am break even but I find this type of SNG very interesting and  I also like that a tournament lasts 10-15 minutes not 1, 2 hours like MTT.

Good luck everyone and see you in 2015 at tables!