If your serious about pushing to get most out of your online poler you will inevitably try multitabling, whether you stick to it or throw the idea down the toilet is up to you, however im starting to see benefits of multitabling especially at lower limits. First of all with multitabling one must find a suitable number of tables they can comfortably play without feeling rushed or by feeling a loss of awareness. Dedicating yourself just to the tables will help by removing distractions such as social media etc etc your here to play poker.... As i said dont be rushed last thing you want to do is time out AA cause your were rushing through all the other tables, 6 is a good number not playing turbo tables helps alot as well. The benefits of multitabling along with a higher possible return is that there is less risk to your bankroll through variance, by spreading it around multiple tables one avoids the issue of being sucked out and being left with barely anything left, think pf multi tabling as a bankroll management strategy if you will by having less money invested in any one particular hand thres less risk. However one must still stress disipline at these tables just because your up by a squillion on one is not a reason to loosen up and play more hands on the other, stay tight to keep your profits up and as always adjust your play to best destroy your competition, need to see ot in action go watch phil ivey one of the best adaptive players ever. Anyways wish you all best of luck See you at the tables