So while since i posted on here and being bored at my day job gave me an oppurtunity. I feel compelled to tell everyone bout the biggest secret regarding playing poker online and why some are successful and some are, cause they evaluate the way the played a session and have extremely adaptive play styles. Determing how well you played or how you play can be difficult but fear not cause if you havn't heard theres a thing called google and using it can lend you many tools and tips if you actually bother to open your eyes. Okay if your one of those people who dosn't like looking and whats the answer straight in there face buy pokertracker 4 and sign up for and look at your report card, if any of you use this tool you'll realise that one of the reasons im an overall losing player is due to being ailly with bank and a ridiculously aggressive player, peope like me i nickname banks cause there so easy to get money off, i am endeavouring to greatly tighten up my play so im not one of these maniacs. Pokertracker tracks all your hands, stats along with the stats of every player you will encounter giving you a significant advantage over competition. The beat feature is the HUD which projects stats of every player at the table allowing you to see. Imagine i have 2 oppenents who play and a ridicoulous amount of hands and love to see flops, picking up AA in the hi jack would you raise before these 2 players?? Probably no cause they are likely to raise Ny 2 cards and you can use there strong desire to see a flop as a way to get the money in. It really is a great tool that helps greatly. If any of you have bothered to read any of this congratulations I look forward to seeing you at the tables