Sifting through the tourney's I spotted a NLH tournament Australia v's Kazakhastan $10k, I thought it to be interesting ánd was surprised that I could enter after some talking into with the little devil. 10k would of taken a big chunk out my bank roll. I just thought I'm gonna end up wasting that much in short tourney's tonight anyway. There was under 150 ppl in this shoot out. Made me feel better.

 I wasn't very confident because it's quite rare I make hatricks of 5 in a row, you can get a bit impatient picking @ and probing your oponant for there chips. You know that eventually someone always seems to come along busting your chops, but I love playing heads up out of 5 and was going to have fun with it. Some players find it fun & will hang around too kick my butt. LoL.. I got as far as round 3 and busted out 1 spot before the bubble missing the chance of a winnings. I wasn't aware of my position.

Quickly I needed to rake up 10k & played zoom finely winning back that entry fee..

I ''was''  (past tenth's) in the lead and made the mistake of not checking back on the turn of this hand. I held 2high pairs 9&J's I think &  the villan held a pair of 10's making his/her straight on the river... Although I was disapointed busting out early, it was an awesome game and hope 2c more .......