NoS_I_Am1.   I read your Blog ''Is Poker Online Rigged''.

That thought had been looming on my mind for a long time & not just when I was going through tilt. In the past I've had the opportunity like many others that have won in tourneys or normal ring tables with play money to build the bankroll. I had no understanding of and still don't. But I like having fun spending up.

I didn't think I needed to learn because of my ego but because I was led to think I was a good fast player in that 1st year. I would sit at a table winning over 100k in Stud/No Limit & Omaha. I couldnt do that now, I've played mainly Hold 'em & don't understand Stud or Omaha anymore. I assumed poker was like playing yatzee. I knew a little bit from what I've seen. And I used to wonder how kids could sit for hours on end playing the same level over & over dealing with the same emotions. It's determination. I torture myself grinding the tables through the week/end because I like it. I think I should be studying more than I play 2 but I'm stubborn & a hands on person. I do love those videos.

So the reason for joining PokerSchoolOnline was that I was going through Tilt for so long, that my only resort was to go back to basic's & study. I felt like I had lost myself. It's like a stepping stone learning something new & I find it's a whole new ball game once again when u get back into the games. You become more confident & understanding when applying your new tactics in your game I recognise  things in a different perspective. Until you hit the next brick wall and you gotta study again. 

When playing with real money it's like peak hour traffic. It's crazy annoying. Obviously I lack in knowledge but we all percieve things differently in our games. For me it's really hard especially in tourneys. I will try to be more patient......