I was playing a Hold'em Tourny and things were looking up. I felt threatened cause I was moved & a villan B4 me had 3 stars, but all was good eventually. I started with $10,304,  well over 20BB so there was no need 2go over-board. The game was getting heated as the chip leader in front of me decided 2 up it a notch from a tight player 2 an aggressor because he/she wanted some victories under their belt. And why not I guess he/she wanted to last longer as chip leaders were hitting the hundred mark.

Blinds were 350/700 with Ante 70. I had around 28BB & started betting aggressivly BB to get my chips in the pot with top pair KK in MP against BB who had 9d,8h which by the end was virtually a split pot. So my little contribution gained him/her just shy of 7BB. Immediately thinking that was a very silly move as it very well nearly cost me position. The other player stated they would of played the same way with aggression in other words. So I started moving up slowly.

This player in front was getting too confident having winning victories under his/her belt playing allsorts of hands, so was I game. Why yes somewhere I was . "Lucky".  I had pocket 10s UTG I should of raised pre-flop but I did'nt want to face an all-in or distribute anymore chips if I did'nt hit my set 2 soon. Which I did  & took down a good pot. Big pots were breaking out when a chip leader joined my table. This villan was the 1 that benifited greatly with my soon 2b chips which was my own fault I was writing when the pen got twisted in my hand & I pressed 2 fast knocking mself off my pedistal from 1st place to last place eventually knocking myself out the tourny. I was shattered but excited.

With 12 players left. I'm last blinds @ 1,400/2,800 Antes 280. I was quite aware of the blinds comming around & Antes slowly sucking the life out of me something had 2 give, so I started getting aggressive in late position when I could go all-in pre-flop knowing I would be ahead most of the time. On the B I had A,9s went all-in against SB who was also all-in and I got 2pair on the flop bringing me upto 79k & rising to 113,499, 1st place. I was 'happy because I was crawling along and it finally paid off.

Blinds were 3,000/6,000 Ante 600With the last hand 2nd chip leader SB held (9s,4h), I was BB had (3h,6h). The flop was {4s,2c,3s,Kc,As} pots @ $26,400. The villan is all-in $76,574 when it happened, i would of folded cause that was nothing although it probably was my range anyway i thought my hand was ok. That was costly.