This is so weird just revisiting PSO and noticed my last blog entry was on April 15th on Black Friday - funny to think I was all pumped up thinking I was in great shape to make a run at the top 10 that month and little did I know the bomb that was going to be dropped and all of us in the USA were about to be NUKED.

Well after taking a month or so off I found a place to play over at IRON DUKE and have found many former Cowboy Corral players and PSO members which has been nice to be able to play with so many friendly faces.

It is a small site but lots of great ways to bulid a BR and for now it is a place to keep playing. Fortunately, I had a small stake left here on PS and I was able to get it transferred over to Iron. Things have been good so far and I have turned $20 into almost $80 in about 6 weeks. Highlight so far was taking down the weekly Tuesday night Corral game last week for about $30.

I miss PSO and Pokerstars and I am still holding out hope US players will be back sometime in 2012. One comment about the "NEW" Skill League, while I guess it looks a little crazy on the surface any of you complaining about it - trust me when I say I wish we could trade places. At least you get to play in a FREE league and earn FREE cash. Not being allowed to play just because you reside in US just sucks.

Good luck to all and if you are stuck with no place to play I can recommend Iron Duke as a cool place to play.