Well it's April 11th and I find myself in an interesting situation in PSO. I am in the top 60 in the league and have about 1752 points after just 10 days of play.

Normally I approach PSO with a goal of top 200 and I never get to 1700 pts till about the 20th of the month.  I have never even considered a run for the top 10 as I usually can't play enough games to get up to the high 1800s in points early enough in the month and then go for a good variance run and try to top 1900pts.

But since this month has gotten off to such a good start I got to thinking this morning why not make a run for the top and not waste this hot start to the month. The key thing about PSO is it rewards volume play but only up to a point - you can make 1870 (the final threshold)  points by just blitzing the freerolls but then you need luck, timing and skill to make it over the top.

So here's my plan and I will update it every five days to show how stupid/smart I am.

- Standings as of April 11th - freddysw 57 place - 1752.85 pts. 
- 22 games played - made the money 8 times - ITM%36%
- 7 negative scores - worst results 885/1308 - neg 14 pts

- First place has 1852pts and 10th place has 1822pts.
 To finish top 10 end of month historically you need at least 1900pts - last month 10th place was 1899. 

First step - get to at least 1850 pts by next Monday the 18th. This is just below the final threshold mark of 1870 when things get very tough. 
Second - make a run of as many events as possible over two days - at least 6 and hopefully 8.

Then on the 20th of April revaluate - if the two day run goes well and I can get the score up over 1900 I'll take a breath and see what is going on with the other leaders. If it goes badly and I drop I'll just go back to step 1. This should give me at least 2 or 3 attempts to get hot and go on a run in that high altitude zone over 1870 points.

This sounds like an attempt on reaching the summit of Mount Everest but in a way that #1 spot is the top peak in PSO. (Wow that's way to metaphorical for me but sounds good I guess)

Just wanted to record this run for fun and if I flame out no worries but damn it why not top 10.  :lol: