My goal for March was to try and earn an extra star for the first time ever and advance past the Bronze star level. It looks good with a week to go as I need less than 150 vpps to get to 750 and when I play I average 30 a day so expecting to achieve that goal.  
I continue to play mostly omaha hi/lo PL and I moved up to the 10/25c level with mixed success. I should be on the 5/10c level for my BR but I'm trying to feel out the higher level.
Speaking of BR I hit a high of $309 early in the month then a low of $231. Getting back on track last few days and right around $260 as of today. My goal of getting to $1000 by end of the year seems a long way away but make it or not I'm sticking to proper BR management. That is the whole point of this process.

I try to keep reminding myself that this time around my poker knowledge and experience is being funded by Pokerstars and PSO as I started this experiment with just $5 back in October. This month I suffered my first series of regular ring game losses and a few bad days in a row make you question your decision making. 

The key thing in the dealing with a string of losses was I decided to mix it up and play some limit omaha and NL just to get away from PL for awhile and it seemed to work. Plus I dropped back down a level just to play at a more comfortable stake.

I will be playing less during the summer but will try and keep up the silver star if possible. Good luck all.