My February experiment to play PSO like a regular MTT prove to be a predictable failure. That plus a string of crippling river bad beats led to my worst month ever. Finished around #510 for a big $3. I used that to buy-in to a $2.50 event and cashed for $5.88 - so better than nothing I guess. Going to go back to the tried and true PSO - the monthly cash reward is still an important part of building my BR. 

The Cash game was good for the month as I focused exclusively on omaha h/l and was up $30 for the month playing mostly 05/10c PL. My BR is holding steady as I didn't do much in MTT's so I am hovering around $250. I feel omaha is a game I can grind at and show a steady profit. My goal is to move up and play more 10/25c level going forward.
Anyone looking to make some money learn omaha and omaha h/l - man there are some incredibly bad players out there plus it is a great way to rack up vpps - i think I may be able to get silver star for the first time in March which would be cool.

The highlight for the month was playing in the Corral League Home Game - I finished 5th in a league of 34 players and earned 2 $11 stakes. Unfortunately I didn't run well in my two stakes but this is such a cool idea and great group of players - looking forward to this month and maybe getting some higher stakes to play.

Good luck to everyone in March.