I had a crazy idea to try and play PSO freerolls this month like I would any regular MTT. My thought process was based on the fact that after 4 months in PSO I had grown my BR to a decent level ( just over $250 now) and the money I could win in PSO ($15 TO $30) was not as critical to me as before. Also, we tend to forget this is one massive monthly freeroll so instead of grinding, stalling and playing the PSO game I wouldn't care about results but actually "practice" and try out some different tactics. Then PSO goes and changes the structure this month ( what a nice surprise btw and zero head's up...no comment on that) so my crazy idea seemed to make more sense.

Well, for the record you CAN'T play PSO like a regualr MTT and be successful, just not going to work. The main thing I'm doing differently in PSO is playing my stack in relation to the blinds. So when my chip stack gets to around 10 BB or less which doesn't take long in a PSO freeroll, I am being much more aggressive than I would have been in the past. Basically I'm not stalling to avoid a negative finish. So combine being aggressive with some pretty sick beats (I hate the word variance) and the result is a streak of 8 or 9 negative pts results in a row - I've gone an entire month and not had that many negative scores and my current ranking is around 1000. It's getting a little frustrating but I plan to stick with it for the whole month.

Typical PSO for me this month form yesterday, I have JJ and limp in from middle, SB and BB come along, I have 2150 in chips blinds are 75/150. Flop comes 8-7-2 rainbow, BB bets 300 I put him on an 8 so I shove over the top, he calls and shows 10-8 like I thought and boom river 8 knocks me out. So right play ends up as negative result. I'm not counting that as a bad beat either - just poker.    

I'm also pretty sure now that I suck at MTT play - so I'm really not stressed about my PSO results. I'm playing in the Corral League and some of the other home games and I find it very tough - a lot of fun though. Trying to be more aggressive in those games as well but not having much success, but I learn much more in any 1 of those games than 100 PSO freerolls. 

The bright spot continues to be in my cash game, - playing a lot at micro 05/10NL w/deep stacks and showing a nice win rate since January 1st. Cash games are funding my weak MTT game right now so I may cool off any MTT'S for awhile. My goal is to move up a level to 10/25 next month and see if I can hold my own. Long term goal is .50/1 by the end of 2011. 

Poker thought for the month - "The more I read about poker, the more I'm learning I don't have a freakin clue what I am doing".