What a great month! Lots of fun stuff.

First, the WBCOOP was a  great surprise, 7 freeroll events to win SCOOP tickets, I didn't even know such an event existed, kudos to Pokerstars for running this event ( they did screw up the tournament schedule and listed one event at the wrong time on the home page) but I won 2 $11 SCOOP tickets and one $33 ticket. Not bad, my deep run in the NLHE event was fun, finished 28th out of 750 runners and had my KK cracked by the 33 of one of the big stacks. No comment on his call as I was not that short and of course IF i win that hand I would have been 10th with 27 to go but hey IF is a poker players favorite word. 

Other highlights were cashing in my first attempt at the 1/4 Million and winning a seat to the 1K monthly added PSO event. Couldln't play but I will take the $11 tourny dollars into next month.

As for PSO, I'm in a great spot on the final day. Sitting at #104 with 1863 pts, my best month by far. I will take one shot at the top 98 and $50 since I am pretty safe to finish top 200 even with a donk-out early. Proud of my results, only played 42 games, so less games and improved my score from last month over 30 points.

Finally the best news, counting my expected PSO cash of at least $30. I will have a BR of around $155.
I have been playing cash games of omahaH/L, micro stakes around 0.05/0.10 PL. and winning at a nice pace, couple of bucks a day. But one day I decide to try 0.10/0.25 level just for fun. Well I though tit was a PL table but turns out it was NL, which in OMAHA is very crazy and I never play NL.
But its better to be lucky than good, first hand I am blinded in and my KK67 hand gets to see a flop and I flop the nuts off a Ks10s10h board. There are 3 other players and sure enough 2 of them have a 10. Well bing bang boom everyone goes nuts - ( I realize this is a NO LIMIT table - HELLO!!) and one hand my $20 buy-in has been tripled to $58. By far the most I have ever won in a single hand online.
I played another 12 hands won another $12 and got out of dodge. $50 added to BR in less than 5 minutes!!! Holy crap if it were just this easy.

So I'm investing $20 into two home game leagues for February, the CORRAL and JTSOOTED leagues.

Not sure how February could be better but with the home game leagues and PSO it should be fun. Gl all and best of luck.