Take a $5 bankroll, add a little PSO monthly cash, do well in a few PCA 0.50c 90 player sitngos (which have turned out to be a great way to make some easy money) and my poker journey is on its way.
This is going to be my record of taking a $5 stake and seeing what I can do with it and where it takes me.
November was my first serious month in PSO where I tried to play for the cash and a bad last day trying to make the top 200 left me around #325 and $5.
I had a first and second in a couple of PCA sitngos and turned one of those tickets into $8 and a 350 place in one of the Sunday freerolls.
So end on month I am up to $33 and feeling good. So December the plan is to make the top 98 in PSO and get $50 and end the month over $100 in the bank going into 2011.
First 4 days everything is on good and I'm on track - rank 125 -1615pts and only 1 negative score.

Good luck to all PSO players and Happy Holidays to everyone