Well I've never took any lessons in poker until now i started playing online poker about 2 years ago noticing the money people where making in the wsop .I like many others noticed moneymaker beat farrah in the early 2000s and became intrested from there .I began on the freeroll circuit and started to win.My first win was a horse tourney and it felt great after like 8hrs of playing i felt like i really deserved it.Im a natural competive person so i started playing cash games i had moderate success.My biggest win was a 4.40 Nl holdem toureny where i cashed for 216.00 from there i was hooked on the idea i had a good chance to play with the big boys.I feel like i have great poker instincts but in order to get better and play in bigger tourneys i need to improve my game,thats where the pso comes in.I want to make it to the wsop next year in 2011 and become a pro.Will i do it ,i believe i can w/ alot of hard work and patience.