The first thing I would do if I won the $5000 WBCOOP, is pay my property taxes for the year.  From what I hear, the internet connections in the homeless shelter are pretty iffy.
Next, I should put a down payment on a new car.  The original parts on the ‘99 Cavalier are starting to fail one by one.  My mechanic, Steve, can almost guess what has gone wrong because he knows what he has replaced so far.  On the other hand, scratch the new car-who am I to jeopardize the higher education of Steve’s kids?
I would definitely set aside a few hundred for software and books.  I really would like to get PT or HEM mainly because I think it would really speed up my self-analysis.  I have a few books on my wish list and a mini-spree in the poker section of Chapter’s would be sweet.
A small greenhouse is something I would really enjoy.  Organic gardening is one of my passions and it would be really nice to have a good head start for my plants!  I could probably do that for under $1000.
Travel.  I would love to go to Newfoundland for a week or so.  I want to see the airport in Gander-great history there and I hear it has been maintained all 1940’s retro.  From Newfoundland, I’d like to travel over to Labrador because my dad spent time there after WWII.   From Labrador, down through Quebec to Montreal for a few days of smoked meat and la belle langue.  I hear they have a casino or two there, so maybe a night of blackjack and poker-all within strict bankroll limits of course, eh?
Whatever money is left I would leave on PokerStars and I’d make sure I reserved at least $1000 for this.
In my thread about my 2012 goals,, I talk about having three separate bankrolls.  One is for cash games.  One half of the profits from cash games go into a book/software savings account.  In the 3rd, I keep all the money I win from freerolls and all the money won with that money to do with as I wish.
 I did this to create some balance in how I think about my bankroll as well as some balance between discipline and fun.
For me, cash games are very much discipline and very little fun-at least at the time being.  I really am using them as a learning tool.  I am no where near ready to move up in limits so I don’t need any extra bankroll for cash games.  They are my school right now.  
My little freeroll bankroll is recess.  My heart is in MTT’s and multi-table SNG’s.  I love long leisurely blind structures.   Of course I prefer having a big stack when the blinds get big, but I even love the pressure of playing short-stacked-weird I know.  And since it would be “free money” anyway, this is where I would put my leftover $1000+.
It would be really nice to be able to play the Sunday Storm or even larger buy-in tournaments if I felt like I had the time and was in the proper frame of mind and environment to give it a good shot.  Who knows?
I might catch Marvin’s “One time! Big time!”  I could bink one.  And then I’d buy a NEW car.  And Steve’s kids can get student loans like everyone else.