Busted by trip 888... very next hand trip 888... next hand 2* 88 flop ;[ didnt get to showdown...ok fine
busted needless to say!!!
next game i make trip 555...next hand guy makes trip 555...ok fine???
next game jj bb get called by a/10 shove get called makes trips 10...lol not funny...confused @ this point as im busted...very next hand while im complaining to thin air. Witness jj busted by 9/10 hit trip 10.!!!! wow!!! Ok not fine!!! Wheres the justice in that i wonder? I know why thow, my stats for this month were going to well!!!
If that happend live thered be murders!!! One after the other 3 times??? 3 busts??? Im no mathematician but even i no thats never correct!!!
How you call that random and fair is beyound me, but il keep trying. I dare say il be updateing this blog today...its 0700 gmt...so lets see how many more bad beats i can generate in this very confuseing day so far. update @ 0814 a/10 hit trip a, get busted by q/3 suited got a flush haha hoho hehe...canadian? never win against them? update 
@ 10.57 another candian just went from 3k to 35k in like 5 hands or so...meanwhile i went other direction ran into a/k with a donk raise from me sb [q/3 suited lol only did it becouse i got busted by it previously] vs bb!!! tilting a bit as i just lost every hand previously, hot 220 pfff no more of them for me i know!!! busted mid late...previously got a 2nd in sng for a few peanuts... feel like a cashcow @ the moment...plz form an orderly que!!! Theres more to come!!! Im not even going to say what happend when i visited the cash tabels!!! Did i mention i got busted quick time from the morning hot 330 also, no well i did hahahah, a bad beat yeah!!! I wouldnt lose if you lot hit mirical outs and call with nothing!!! POKER---NO===POKERSTARS ONLY!!! 11.45 busted from 330 hot daily by q/j played a rag...gave up on scoop sats...just another day on pokerstars...Thanks plz come again. Better to have a punt on oil...me thinks...good day!!! 15/5/12 0733 bb a/k vs a/2 a/q q/k...330 hot daily...BUSTED Q/K WINS ???? = DONKFEST...WHATEVER ANYWAY. THATS MY BANKROLL GONE. HOW CAN I PUT MY HARD EARNED MONEY INTO A SYSTEM THAT PROVIDES BEATS LIKE THAT??? REPEAT BEATS??? ALLWAYS BEAT!!! Thank **** for live poker. step b ticket to use up, who knows the outcome, plenty good enuff, but with cards dropping like that its just not the same game!!!