The guy who just busted me from the $5.50--- 1st hand me a/q him a/10 wins 2pair...fine. very next hand a/k suited vs a/10 suited hits nut flush bye bye me!!! 2 hands same guy!!! 1 after the other... congrats. 4th year this month!!! Im just not that unlucky. Unless its here! why??? Statistically you can hold me back by dumping me out of tourneys like that. I was well on my to cash there also. I had a nice stack. And the cash was 90%. Im just the little guy staying loyal and trying to grind a future into this elitist industry. I just thank myself for a small amount of disciplin as i could lose it all on this site. IN 1 HAND!!! Gl.  Latest K/K HIT TRIPS BUSTED BY J/5 FLUSH DRAW. LATE IN 250 90 SNG. UNBELIVEABLE BAD LUCK... EVEN THE THE SOFTWARE IM RUNNING THIS RERUNS THREW IS SAYING YOUR IN A BAD PLACE!!!