It's Feb. 17th and I have made it up to 49th place and 1828 points in the PSO league.  Now the true grind begins especially since you win less points when you cash and you lose a lot of points if you get knocked out early.  I figure I pretty much have to make it to a minimum of 20% of the field in each tournament to earn  positive points. Based on previous months results, 1st place will be somewhere between 1950 and 1970 points.  My goal is to make it to at least 1900 points. 

My game in the league is so different than in regular tournament since I don't feel I can take the same risks.  This can make it difficult to stack up early.  Without the power of the stack, the tournament is just a grind.  Thankfully, there are often people to chat with to pass the time. 

And of course, there is dodging (or trapping) the players who are not playing for points.  Raising with a good hand pre-flop is almost futile with these players since they have nothing to lose and will happily call you with any two cards in hopes of busting your big hand. 

Since the league has been taking up so much of my free time, I really haven't been out playing live tournaments.  I am thinking I will play live this weekend so I can have some fun playing poker again!  I don't find these league tournaments a whole lot of fun.