Hi grinders,



Today I would like to share with you a huge hand that I experienced. As the title suggests, you shall had watched "007 Casino Royale" and of course, you all might have been blowed away with the last hand of the High Stakes tournament. For those who haven't watched or don't remember, the video is below:

So, unfortunatly I experienced this huge hand by the role of the villain and not by of our hero's. And believe me, it was a little bit more cruel than in the movie.


I was dealt  in middle position, UTG, MP1 and MP2 fold, as the table's image was tight, I limped. Highjack, cutoff and button fold, SB capped and BB checked.

Right now, I'll just describe the happenings and you can take your own conclusions:



SB bets 100, BB folds and I raise to 200, SB calls 100;



James Bond (SB) checks, the villain Le Chiffre (me) checks;



James Bond bets 467, Le Chiffre raises to 934, JB re-raises to 2.802, LC goes all-in with 3.431, JB calls 1.563;



Le Chiffre (me) shows = 
James Bond (SB) shows = 


That's it folks, I don't need to say that it was the greatest hand that I experienced and even though I have lost, I am proud to have lived this moment. I've learned a lot!!!

Great grinds for all and until next!