Hi grinders!

In this first post I'm sharing a really hurting bad beat that shoved me out of a freeroll tournament.

As you can see, I am in the BB with pocket Ks and the Villain_8 has shown to me in the last 5 hands that he was loose-aggressive as he'd shoved all-in all the time bullying all in the table. So I waited patiently to bust him. Well, the time arrived... unexpectedly he just limp, I suspected he had some trap under the sleeves, but I was confident I had the best pre-flop hand. Then, I've made a basic raise of 4BBs by my position. Detail: Villain_3 less than a BB stack, so he limped and was all-in.
After my raise, Villain_8 shoved all-in that I confess, pissed me off! So I continued confident on my dealt hand and called it.

As everybody was all-in, the dealt hands are shown and as I expected, Villain_8 was a maniac loose-aggressive and showed .

Mathematical information: pre-flop percentage odds between me and Villain_8 was:  - 82,63% and  - 17,37%

The rest you can see at the replayer. And one more detail: Villain_8 was so lucky, so lucky that as the Villain_3 was the short-stack, the main pot was insignificant!

You'll see!!!

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