Hey guys,

Fox518 here. Day 5 of the chalenge, up another $4.50 almost. While most people like cash games at lower limit's, i prefer the tournaments. I wasn't going to talk about how i brought my bank roll back to life until a few weeks after, but i figure, what the heck?

So, the weeks leading up to the new year, i dabbled in many different games to see where my edge might lie. i tried lower stakes Omaha and Hold'em cash games, but the variation from game to game left me feeling noxious. While i love the thrill of cash games, the cold hard truth is that at lower limit's no one cares what two cards they are holding. They are looking for that thrill of pulling off a major Gus Hansen (get it in way behind and catch the turn and river). So, since i would have had to risk my ENTIRE starting bank roll to try and get this project off the ground, i figured i would go another route...

Instead, i decided to take advantage of Pokerstars hospitality and play some super micro stakes MTT Sit'n'go's. That's right, i started out playing the $0.10 buy in 360 person sit'n'go's. Top place only takes $8.50 but WOW! considering i was starting with a dollar? i could more than triple, NAY quadruple my roll and i had 10 chances as opposed to 1 with a cash game (ok really i only had 9 chances because i tried my luck at 3 or 4 of the $0.02 buy in 990 person super turbo's... just a heads up... not worth it.)

Now, looking at my tournament history you'll notice that i in fact did not take first in any one of the MTT's i played in... sad, but true. But it doesn't take a pro to traverse these weak fields and make a consistant final table. I managed to make something like 1 in 4 of the ones i was playing. Easy peezy limon squeezy. And what does say... 7th pay? $1.30, enough for 13 more tries. It constantly just feeds the beast and turns a natural profit on it's self.

Anyways, just a little something i thought i would throw out there... you may be down, but you are never out. You just have to keep your eye's peeled for good opportunitie's.

Love, peace, and chicken grease,