Hi guys,

Fox518 here. This is really just an idea i had for this new year, a challenge if you will. I plan on taking $1 and running it up to "PRO" level which for me is atleast $25k, in one calendar year. Now to be completely honest, i'm not sure how it's going to work out... over the past couple of years i have been labled a "losing player", but as of late i'm trying to turn that around. Taking my game alot more seriously.

The reason i choose PokerStars for this quest is because one, they offer the best lower limit games around for what i want to do. Two, they are the biggest poker community, and if i want to be the best i ought to face the best right?

It's currently January third, day 3 of my challenge, and so far... it's going EXCELLENT. I never expected in my wildest dreams for it to go this well. I can't give out many specifics at the moment, but i will say i ran extremely well on day two... i started day two with $0.92 and ended up running it up past $14. Due to variance i'm now back to $13.05. i'm feeling so good about this challenge. i think i might be able to turn this entire train around. i can't wait till i can devote another full day to playing. I might be able to run it up past $25 this next sunday... that's my goal atleast.

i realized something though. I can't look at my roll as "money" i have to look at it as... "tools". Tools used to build my roll into something bigger. Look at it as buy'ins. The more buy'ins you have the better chances you have to go deep right? That's what i figured, and it's working so far so i'll continue with it..

Anyways, i'm not trying to gloat or anything... it's just easy to feel excited at this point in time about my challenge. i mean, i already broke out of the extremely fragile stage of it within a week. that's something to be proud of, right? Anyways, i'll post more either tomorrow or wednesday.

love, peace, and chicken grease,