Joe Hachem showing us how to play PLO25 is worth the price of admission by itself, and he provides some excellent advice for initial hand selection and betting when you hit hard on the flop.  And not a lot else because it is also a demonstration of how to be card dead for the best part of an hour. 

But that is not what is great about this video.  The best bit for me is at 17:00 when some random fruit who sits in on seeing Joe at the table tries to challenge the WSOP winning pro to a heads up match.  What we then get is a quick explanation of why the most popular pros are stand offish of the railbirds who constantly bombard them with questions and challenges.  "I don't see what the upside is for me" sums it up perfectly.  You win a major tournament and then everyone decides that you are their number one target and it is your DUTY to play them when they demand it.  It's almost like those westerns where the best gunslinger in the state has to fight off a barrage of young hopefuls who want to make their name by beating the best.